Tarhana Blaga Pasta (350g)

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If you’re new to Tarhana, it is one of the world’s original comfort foods, with first roots in ancient Greece, Rome and Persia. Also known as “Trahana,” this very small pasta has a coarse and uneven pellet-like texture and is traditionally used in soups of the same name – and in breakfast porridges, stews and savory pies. Today, tarhana is a popular culinary ingredient in classic Southeastern European, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cooking. At Adelina, our Tarhana Blaga (Mild) is handmade, using the same lengthy preparation methods that countless generations of grandmothers have employed for millennia. Adelina Tarhana Blaga is a delicious and nutritious fermented dough pasta, perfect for all soups and any recipes calling for mild trahana. Because we use T-500 flour (from the endosperm of wheat grains) in our dough, Adelina Mild Tarhana is rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. Prepare our Mild Tarhana as you would pasta: boiled in water or in the cooking liquid of your choosing. Add butter, milk, tangy Feta and a squeeze of fresh lemon to the tarhana – or top with Feta or tangy yogurt – for a heartwarming dish on a cold day. Classically served in a seared and baked chicken dish with fresh tomatoes, our Mild Tarhana will also add hearty goodness to soups and vegetarian and meat-based stews. You will find this special pasta has just the right consistency for stuffed veggies and makes a wonderful binder for meatballs. Use Adelina Mild Tarhana as the base for a main dish - instead of rice or polenta – and the grains will absorb all of the saucy goodness.