Tahsildaroglu Full Fat White Cheese (1kg)

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Beyaz Peynir, Feta, Turkish Feta Cheese, White Cheese, Peynir.

Turkish White Cheese is a staple at breakfast, as a filling in layered pastries and other baked goods, in salads, and as an appetizer or cheese platter

Beyaz Peynir, or “White Cheese”, is one of the most popular cheeses in Turkey and an inextricable part of daily life. With a taste and texture similar to Feta, Tahsildaroglu Full Fat White Cheese is made exclusively from the milk of cows grazing in the region of Ezine, renowned for its terrain and climate. To give our cheese its classic medium-density crumbly texture, sour tang and salty finish, we age and marinate our cheese in brine, using a recipe passed down across generations. Traditionally served at breakfast with tomatoes, cucumbers, olives and olive oil, Tahsildaroglu Full Fat White Cheese is also a classic filling for Turkish savory and sweet phyllo-filled pastries. Our cheese is “must” for Shepherd’s Salad, the Turkish equivalent to a Greek Salad. For a sumptuous summer salad, toss our White Cheese with arugula, freshly cut strawberries, candied pecans and olives. Or use our cheese to impart tangy bold flavor to omelets, flatbreads, dips and spreads. Tahsildaroglu Full Fat White Cheese is rich in probiotics, calcium and protein, and low in fat.

The best white cheeses come from Thrace and the areas surrounding the Sea of Marmara, but white cheese is produced all over the country.

 White cheese may refer to: Asiago cheese, an Italian cow's milk cheese. Beyaz peynir, a salty, white cheese made from unpasteurized sheep (or cow) milk. ... Manouri, a Greek semi-soft, fresh white whey cheese made from goat and/or sheep milk whey left over from the production of cheese.