Sweet Green Grapes (1 lb)

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Unripe grapes are very small in size and are found in loose clusters growing on fibrous, medium-thick, pale green branches. The oval to round fruits have smooth and taut, light green skin and are connected to thinner stems that join into the larger branch. Underneath the skin, the flesh is crisp, aqueous, and also pale green, encasing many small seeds. When consumed fresh, Unripe grapes have a firm and crunchy consistency and contain a highly acidic juice with a very sour, sweet-tart flavor.

In Persian cooking, Unripe grapes are used as a souring agent and are known as Ghooreh. Used as a substitute for limes, Unripe grapes are utilized in popular recipes such as koofteh berenji, which are Persian meatballs with rice, dolmeh or stuffed grape leaves, khoresht bademjan which is an eggplant stew, or in ash ghooreh, which is a sour grape soup.