Sarantis Cherry Sweets 1lb

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Spoon sweets – whole fruits, nuts and citrus peels (or vanilla or mastic gum) in sugary syrup – have been an integral part of Greek, Turkish, Balkan and Russian culture since the Ottoman Empire. Offered to visiting family and friends as a gesture of hospitality, spoon sweets are traditionally served in a generous teaspoon and enjoyed with water, and sometimes coffee. Or they are presented as an elegant topping in center of small dish of Greek yogurt. Despite the name, spoon sweets are often less sweet, and more syrupy, than classic jams or preserves – with their authentic flavor intact. Saradis has been making spoon sweets on the beautiful Greek Island of Chios since 1928. Our Cherry Sweets feature plump, hand-picked whole pitted cherries suspended in a translucent deep-red syrup. Swirl a teaspoon of Saradis Cherry Sweets into Greek yogurt or your morning oatmeal or for a bright pop of authentic cherry goodness. For an elegant take on a brunch classic, serve with crème fraiche or Greek yogurt on French toast, pancakes or waffles. Use Saradis Cherry Sweets as a luxurious topping for ice cream or tart frozen yogurt and you will be in dessert heaven! You will find spoon sweets (Glyka tou Koutaliou, in Greek) in almost every household in Greece. One teaspoon of our Cherry Sweets is guaranteed to satisfy any sweet craving.