Sarantis Walnut Sweets in Syrup (453g)

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If you are fortunate enough to have family or friends in Greece, “spoon sweets” – delectable nuts, fruit or citrus peels preserved in luscious sugar syrup – will already be familiar to you! A mainstay of Greek, Turkish, Balkan and Russian culture for centuries, spoon sweets are traditionally offered to visitors as a gesture of welcome and hospitality - served in a generous teaspoon with a glass of water, and sometimes coffee. Or, they are presented as an elegant spoonful in center of small dish of Greek yogurt. Saradis has been making spoon sweets on the beautiful Greek Island of Chios since 1928. Saradis Walnut Sweets feature hand-selected whole walnut halves immersed in a rich and flavorful sugar syrup. Served chilled, as traditionally intended, and our Walnut Sweets are sheer perfection on a teaspoon! Succulent and chewy, our walnut sweets are delicious with Greek yogurt – and heavenly with vanilla ice cream or tangy plain frozen yogurt. Saradis Walnut Sweets will also add extra sweet walnut goodness to cheesecakes or tarts. You will find spoon sweets (Glyka tou Koutaliou, in Greek) in almost every household in Greece.