Sarantis Quince Sweets (453g)

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Since the Ottoman Empire, “spoon sweets” – whole fruits, nuts, citrus peels, vanilla or mastic gum in sugary syrup – have been inextricably linked to Greek, Turkish, Balkan and Russian culture. Traditionally offered to visiting guests as a sign of hospitality, and served in a heaping teaspoon with a glass of water or coffee, spoon sweets are less sweet (despite their name) and more syrupy than jams or marmalades. Saradis has been making spoon sweets on the beautiful Greek Island of Chios since 1928. Quinces have been cultivated in the Mediterranean region for more than 4,000 years. For the ancient Greeks, quinces held special meaning: as a symbol of love, marriage and fertility. Slightly floral in flavor, with a taste akin to a pear and a golden delicious apple, Saradis Quince Sweets feature generous pieces of quince drenched in delectable syrup. Dense, chewy and succulent, they are the “perfect bite” on a teaspoon! Enjoy them the classic way, or as an elegant spoonful in the center of a small dish of Greek yogurt. Quinces are particularly delicious with Manchego, Chèvre and Blue Cheese. If you cut the quince sweets into smaller pieces, and serve them with their syrup, they are a wonderful condiment for cheese and charcuterie platter. Use Saradis Quince Sweets to make quince and cheese bruschetta. Or for a mouthwatering pan sauce or glaze for chicken, lamb or pork.