SABAH Smoked Dried Sausage Made with Beef (Bosanski Sudzuk)72 GR

1.0 lb

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If you have spent any time in the Balkans, Turkey, the Middle East or Central Asia, Sudžuk (alternatively known as sucuk or soutzouki) will be very familiar to you! This widely popular dried sausage is prized for its chewy, dense texture and unique flavor profile. The secret to the goodness of Sabah Hickory Smoked Dried Sausage Made with Beef starts with the high-quality beef and hard fat incorporated into the sausage with just the right balance of natural spices. Mild in flavor and with a delicate smoky aroma, our Sudžuk is delicious and ready-to-eat - once the casing is removed - as an appetizer, snack or in a sandwich. Enjoy on a charcuterie or meze platter with hard and soft cheeses, hard boiled eggs and your favorite spreads. Or use as a pizza topping instead of pepperoni.