Al Bakara Al Haloub Romi, Rumi, Roumy Cheese (1 pound)

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Rumi cheese is one of the main types of cheese in Egypt. It has a pungent smell, and different degrees of saltiness depending on the age.

Roumy (also known as gebna romi or gebna turki or Romy or Rumi) is an Egyptian cheese made from full cream cow's milk, or from a mixture of cow and buffalo milk. It is a hard cheese derived from the Greek kefalotyri cheese. The cheese is believed to belong to the same family as Pecorino Romano and Manchego.

The taste and texture of Roumy differ according to the ageing period. It has a slightly strong, salty and sharp, pungent flavour with peppercorns added to enhance the taste. The crumbly cheese is available at various stages in the market. New Roumy cheese is sold in the market unaged in slices and ready-to-used packages. A little more exquisite is the Medium Roumy cheese which is aged for 3 years for the maximum formulation of taste and texture.