Piyale Lumachine Rigate Manti (500g)

1.11 lb

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While scholars attribute the early origins of noodles to ancient China, it was in the Mediterranean that the dried pasta we know and love today was refined. Pasta is one of the world’s most beloved comfort foods and a wonderful blank culinary canvas for an almost endless array of warm, baked and cold preparations. While each country has its own pasta-making traditions and regional specialties, certain classic noodle shapes like Lumachine Rigate, small snail shells, transcend borders and time. Turkey is ranks fifth in worldwide pasta production, and since 1922 Piyale has been one of the leading pasta brands in Turkey. Our Lumachine Rigate (Manti) are made with Turkish Durum wheat semolina and soft wheat semolina, for a taste that will remind you of home! Our small, ridged snail shells are a wonderful choice, served al dente, for almost any manner of sauce, including pesto, Marinara, Carbonara and Bolognese. For a chunky veggie or meat-based sauce, dice the ingredients into small pieces so some find their way inside the shells. Piyale Lumachine Rigate are a fanciful shape for an adult mac and cheese made with peas or crispy bacon, truffle oil or lobster and coated with seasoned breadcrumbs or panko. Our Manti are also divine in tomato sauce with spinach, basil and ricotta.