Piyale Fusilli Burgu (500g)

1.11 lb

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Fusilli are classic corkscrew-shaped pasta with the perfect structure to soak up the saucy goodness of your culinary creations. While the origins of noodles date to ancient China, the dried pasta we know and love today is 100% Mediterranean! At Piyale, we have been making traditional pasta in Turkey since 1922. PIyale Fusilli (Burgu) are delicious served al dente, with oil, cream and tomato sauces and chunky vegetable or meat-based sauces. Our spiral-shaped fusilli are festive crowd pleasers and will add flare to baked casseroles and to both hot and cold dishes. Enjoy our fusilli with sautéed garlic, onion, spinach, mushrooms, and fresh tomatoes topped with grated parmesan cheese. Or use them as the noodles in a classic tuna casserole, with canned tuna, peas and melty cheddar cheese and a top layer of buttery breadcrumbs. Piyale Fusilli are delicious with any sauce, from pesto, alla vodka, al'arrabiata to simple tomato sauce.