Piyale Farfelle Kelebek (500g)

1.11 lb
Pasta is one of the world’s most beloved and versatile comfort foods! While the first recorded evidence of noodles dates to ancient China, the dried pasta we know and love today was first refined in the Mediterranean. Farfalle, from the Italian word for “butterflies,” are an iconic and fanciful pasta shape. At Piyale, we have been making traditional pasta in Turkey since 1922, with Durum and soft wheat semolina. PIyale Farfalle are the perfect vehicle to absorb the goodness of oil, cream, tomato and meat-based pasta sauces - from pesto and marinara to alfredo and Bolognese. With a wonderfully pleasing shape, our Farfalle are a festive choice for entertaining and a wonderful ingredient for soups, stir fries and cold pasta salads. For a delicious Mediterranean-inspired warm or cold main or side dish, serve Piyale Farfalle al dente with pesto, fresh tomatoes, mozzarella and Kalamata olives. Or enjoy warm or at room temperature with olive oil, sautéed garlic, fresh asparagus, shitake mushrooms, sweet peas, lemon zest and grated parmesan cheese. For an easy Turkish pasta that generations of children have grown up with, mix the cooked Kelebek with olive oil, salt (tomato sauce optional) and top with crumbled Feta cheese.