PIYALE Elbows (Dirsek) 500g bag


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The first recorded baked mac and cheese recipes date to 14th century England and Italy. Elbow Macaroni – small, curved tubes of pasta – are the noodles used in classic mac and cheese recipes for centuries. At Piyale, we have been making traditional pasta (“makarna” in Turkish) since 1922 with high-quality Durum and soft wheat semolina. Our Elbows are the ultimate comfort food! Kids will love our Elbows in a classic mac and cheese with peas or broccoli. For an “adult” mac and cheese: serve our Elbows with truffle oil, lobster or jalapenos – topped with crispy bacon, seasoned breadcrumbs or panko. Once you start working with Piyale Elbow Macaroni (Dirsek), you will find the culinary possibilities for these delicious noodles to be endless! For a quick and easy Turkish pasta that generations of children have grown up with: mix the cooked pasta with olive oil and salt, add some crumbled Feta cheese, and mix with tomato sauce (optional). Elbows are a wonderfully versatile ingredient for hot and baked pasta dishes, soups, salads, casseroles and stir fries.