Marco Polo Sour Cherry Jam (368g)

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Delight in the tart-sweet flavor of cherries any time of the year with Marco Polo Sour Cherry Preserves! With plump, juicy sour cherries from Southeastern Europe, our preserves are made from a recipe just like your grandmother used to make. Featuring sun-ripened sour cherries, sugar, citric acid and pectin, Marco Polo Sour Cherry Preserves are delicious on toast and bagels – with butter, cream cheese or nut butters. Our Sour Cherry Preserves are a perfect pairing with biscuits and sweet scones. Add a spoonful to Greek yogurt, hot oatmeal or rice pudding, topped with toasted sliced almonds, for an extra burst of bright cherry goodness. For an appetizer to delight your friends and family members, serve on crispy crostini with Manchego, cheddar or brie. Or, fill Athens Mini-Fillo Shells with whipped goat cheese and a teaspoon of Marco Polo Sour Cherry Preserves, for a perfect marriage of tart, savory and sweet. Contains no preservatives.