Marco Polo Baby Dill Pickles (1.4kg)

3.06 lb

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At Marco Polo, we pickle small cucumbers in a classic brine of dill, vinegar, garlic, spices, salt and sugar. The results are delicious dill pickles that are less sour and a touch sweeter than traditional Kosher Dills. Marco Polo Baby Dill Pickles also make a wonderful chopped garnish for hummus and other Middle Eastern spreads. They are also a great addition to an antipasti or salumi platter. Slice our Baby Dills for a tangy, crunchy layer to a roasted meat sandwich – and drizzle with tahini and harissa. Enjoy our Baby Dills wrapped in prosciutto. And, if you’re adventurous at heart, use for deep fried dill pickles. Marco Polo Dill Pickles are a wonderful, low calorie and fiber rich snack.