Kuprum Striped Peshtemal Beach Bath Towel, Turkish Cotton Pestemal Fouta Hammam Towel with Fringe Compact Thin Light Absorbent Quick Dry for Travel Spa Sauna Camping Yoga (Light Blue 39”x71”)

1.2 lb

Please wash your beach towel before first use. The pestemal beach towel gets softer with each wash and is very durable. Traditionally used as a Turkish Bath Towel or a Hammam Towel, and also known as a Fouta Towel, the Pestemal Beach Towel is celebrated for being light yet highly absorbent. The practical and cotton woven cloth, which has a history of around 600 years, is used most commonly as a beach towel today. The Mediterranean seaside and Greek islands come to life with the versatile and colorful pestemal beach towel. This beach towel is light enough and fashionable to wrap around the waist. The pestemal beach towel also works great as an outdoor spread. This beach towel won’t collect sand like conventional beach towels. Given its properties, the pestemal beach towel also makes a great spa or sauna towel. It can also be used as a bath towel or a light throw blanket at home. This Pestemal Beach Towel is created by the Kuprum brand, and inspired by Mediterranean culture, artisanship and practicality.