Kuprum Copper Saucepan 1.2 Quarts Hand-Hammered Tin Lined

1.55 lb

Kuprum products are Artisanale, they are crafted with passion and great skill. They proudly carry the Turkish Mediterranean spirit to your kitchen with their quality, and to your table with their dazzling look. This product is 100% recyclable. By time, copper will naturally form a dark layer, which doesn't affect its performance. Occasionally use a non-abrasive cleaner to keep your copperware look new. Kuprum products are ideal for gas and electric cooktops, but not for inductions. Please use wood or plastic utensils to avoid scratching the tin lining. We recommend not to heat an empty pot above 450°F. Do not use in dishwasher or in microwave. Kuprum cookware aims to deliver rich flavor and texture when cooking a wide range of food. These copperware heats up rapidly and cools down quickly for maximum control and cooking results. Copperware also distributes heat more evenly than other popular materials.

  • Elegant 1.2 quart copper saucepan hand-hammered using highest quality copper
  • Copper cookware have exceptional heat-responsiveness; distribute heat immediately and evenly
  • Nonreactive tin-lining, riveted handle, no lid
  • Excellent for boiling eggs, water, milk; making and reheating sauces, glazes, soups, gravies, cream; cooking hot cereal and grains
  • Solid copper saucepan handcrafted by skilled artisans from the Mediterranean (100% Recyclable - Limited Lifetime Warranty)