Kuprum Copper Pot 2.5 Quarts Tin Lined Hand-Hammered

3.15 lb

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  • Elegant 2.5 quart copper pot hand-hammered using highest quality copper
  • Copper cookware have exceptional heat-responsiveness; distribute heat immediately and evenly
  • Nonreactive tin-lining, riveted handles and copper lid
  • Excellent for simmering stews, soups, chili, beans, braises
  • Solid copper pot handcrafted by skilled artisans from Turkey (100% Recyclable - Limited Lifetime Warranty)
  • This casserole is ideal for cooking stews, long braises and soups with no hotspots and with even heat distribution.

    Made of solid copper and nonreactive tin linings. It has excellent heat conductivity and heats up evenly and rapidly. Hand-hammered by the best coppersmiths in Mediterranean.

    Besides great cooking features, copperware products serve as beautiful displays in your kitchen.

  • Our products have unique hammer patterns and they are crafted with great passion and skill. Kuprum celebrates the rosy metal and the authentic hammering tradition.
  • Kuprum continues the centuries old tradition in tinning, hammering and shining. Interiors are lined with durable nonreactive tin and keeps your food healthier.