Kuprum 100% Turkish Cotton Beach Peshtemal Bath Towel, 39'' x 71'', Dark Blue

1.1 lb

Wash your fouta towel before first use. The Fouta Towel gets softer with each wash and is very durable. The Fouta Towel is also known as a Pestemal, Hammam Towel, or a Turkish Bath Towel. It’s a light, highly absorbent and fast drying, cotton woven cloth, traditionally used in Turkish Baths. The fouta towel originated 600 years ago. The fouta towel weaving custom has roots in an area called Tripolis of Phrygia. Today, this town is called Buldan, a district in Southern Turkey. The fouta towel is celebrated for being light yet highly absorbent. This property makes the fouta towel favorable for multiple uses today. The fouta towel is commonly used as a beach towel in the Mediterranean. Given its properties, the fouta towel also makes a great spa or sauna towel. It can also be used as a bath towel at home. The fast drying fouta towel feature helps prevent mildew that commonly occurs in bathrooms without air circulation. Additionally, the fouta towel folds easily and takes up less space in your closet. The fouta towel adds a subtle boho, ethnic look to your home. The Kuprum Fouta Towel has hand-knotted fringes and elegant weaving patterns. This product is created by the Kuprum brand, inspired by Mediterranean culture, artisanship and practicality.