Kuprum 100% Cotton Pestemal Set of 2 Bath Towel and Hand Towel Dark Blue

1.5 lb

Pestemal  Bath Towel and Hand Towel .Peshtemal Set of 2 towels.

The Peshtemal is a traditional, rectangular woven cloth, originating from the historical Turkish Baths nearly 600 years ago. The Peshkir is a hand towel size peshtemal. The weaving custom has roots in a land that once was called Tripolis of Phrygia. The town is called Buldan today, a district of Denizli in the Southwest of Turkey. Times may change but high quality products with great features are here to stay! Kuprum peshtemals have elegant hand-knotted fringes and traditional weaving patterns. They are highly absorbent, dry very quickly, and are very light and soft - they make the perfect travel companion! Kuprum peshtemals fold easily and take up less space than conventional towels. Plus, they get softer with each wash! 100% Turkish Cotton, highly absorbent, fast-drying, durable, space conserving, light and easy to carry towels are perfect for beach, sauna, spa, gym, massage, pool, yoga, pilates, travel, picnic use. Inspired by Mediterranean culture, artisanship and practicality, Kuprum celebrates the mix of traditional craftsmanship and modern comfort.