Krinos Vlahotyri Cheese (500g)

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 This rich table cheese is cured in olive oil and has a strong flavor. Vlahotiri’s texture is hard, and it is light in color. Most is 100% sheep milk but some is made from a blend of mostly sheep milk with added goat milk. Vlahotiri’s distinguishing physical characteristics are its wax seal and miniature barrel shape.

Pasteurized sheep's milk, bacterial culture, salt, rennet.

Hailing from Greece and aged over 90 days, Krinos Vlahotiri is a hard, sheep’s milk cheese with a tangy flavor. This unique, multi-purpose cheese has distinctive medium-sized holes and a spicy, somewhat salty taste. A delicious addition to any cheese or antipasti platter, Vlahotiri can also be used as a filling in casseroles and pies and in the Greek specialty, Saganaki.