Krinos Matiha Mastic Gum Chios

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It doesn’t get more authentic than this! Mastic Gum (Mastiha), the natural tear-shaped resin drops of the Mastic Tree, is a traditional medicinal and culinary product with a rich and ancient history tied to Greece and the Aegean Sea. The first recorded mention of Mastiha was from Hippocrates, who recommended the resin drops as a natural breath freshener and for the prevention of colds and digestive ailments. Krinos Mastic Gum hails from the Greek island of Chios, which has been dedicated to the cultivation and production of mastic since the Byzantine era – and is a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) product. Mastic gum is an irreplaceable ingredient in many classic Greek, Turkish and Middle Eastern cake, pastry and bread recipes. Tsoureki, a Greek Easter Bread, and Kaimaki, a Greek ice cream, and Turkish Delights are all made with mastic gum. Greek “Mastiha” and Turkish “Raki,” traditional liqueurs, both get their special flavor from mastic gum resin. Krinos Mastic Gum has a piney flavor which tastes a bit like black licorice, with notes of vanilla.