Krinos Manouri Cheese (283g)

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 Manouri has a subtle, buttery flavor and creamy melt-in-your-mouth texture. This soft, white cheese makes a delectable dessert, sublime when served drizzled with honey, sometimes topped with nuts and/or accompanied by figs. For a savory experience, try manouri mixed with herbs on a thick slab of bread. Similar to ricotta but denser, its unique qualities have made manouri a more common offering of late, even in non-Greek restaurants. 

Sheep's whey, sheep's milk, sheep's cream, salt.

Manouri is a unique cheese with a Controlled Designation of Origin (DOC) hailing from Macedonia and Thessalia in Greece. An exceptional fresh, semi-soft cheese made from whey and sheep’s milk, Krinos Manouri has a velvety and creamy texture. Manouri has a mild, milky taste that makes it a sumptuous dessert when drizzled with honey. Use Manouri instead of cream cheese in pastries or desserts like cheesecake.