Kras Napolitanke Lemon Orange Wafer (330g)

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As the most established brand of cookies in Southeastern Europe since 1911, generations of families have come to equate Kraš with everyday moments of joy. Our Lemon-Orange Napolitanke Wafers feature 4 layers of naturally-flavored lemon and orange cream nestled between 5 layers of crispy vanilla wafers. Sweet and bursting with citrus flavor and crunch in every bite, Kraš Lemon-Orange Napolitanke Wafers are perfect after-school, tea-time and after-meal treats! A delicious addition to any cookie or dessert platter, these delicious wafers are particularly wonderful with fruit sorbet. One bite of our Kraš Lemon-Orange Napolitanke Wafers and your taste buds will thank you! We also make Napolitanke Wafers with chocolate, mocha, hazelnut, nougat and rum cream-flavored fillings. Store in a cool, dry place.