Koska Pekmez Dut Mulberry Molasses (800g)

1.77 lb

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Koska Mulberry Molasses is cooked in a vacuumed and closed system without over 80 degrees using the highest quality fruits, and is packaged without using any preservatives. It is produced from the highest quality raw materials, Koska mulberry molasses is made from carefully collected mulberries in the season. Molasses has exactly three times the calcium in milk. With the potassium it contains, it minimizes the harm that the body will suffer from fluid loss. It is a very useful food for baby development and expectant mothers during pregnancy.

  • A powerful vitamin source with plenty of minerals. 
  • Calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron mainly!
  • No additional sugar or preservatives. 
  • Vegeterian (No animal products are used in production), 
  • Halal and Kosher Certified