Koska Halva Pistachio 400 gr

708.26 lb

Helva ,Halwah.

With roots dating back to the 11th century near present-day Istanbul, halva is derived from the Arab word “halwah,” which literally translates to “sweet confection.” If you grew up in Turkey or Greece, or anywhere in the Mediterranean or Middle East, chances are that halva, a light and airy sweet made by lightly whipping ground sesame seed paste into hot sugar, was a beloved item in your household. Savored for its crumbly texture and earthy sesame flavor, halva is full of melt-in-your mouth goodness. Still a family-run business, we have been making halva at Koska using our traditional recipes since 1907. Like all of our halva, Koska Halva with Pistachio is make with 57% tahini paste, which means it retains much of the nutritional goodness from sesame seeds. We add big pieces of pistachios throughout the halva, for extra nut flavor and texture. The perfect not-too-sweet after-meal treat with espresso, Turkish coffee or mint tea, our pistachio halva is a perfect accompaniment to a dessert spread for a party! To “wow” your guests, crumble on rice pudding or on ice cream.

Sesame paste (57%), sugar, pistachio (8%) emulsifier, saponaria root extract, acidity regulator, nature-identical vanillin aroma.