Koska Diabetic Diyabetik Pistachio Halva (350g)

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If you grew up in the Mediterranean, the Balkans, the Middle East or in Central Asia, chances are you have had the distinct pleasure of savoring halva, a light and airy confection made with tahini, or ground sesame seeds, gently whipped into sugar. If you love halva, but want to avoid sugar, you can now enjoy the full flavor and light, crumbly texture of this traditional after-meal treat with Koska Light Pistachio Halva. At Koska, a family-run Turkish business since 1907, we make our light halva products with 57% tahini and no sugar! Koska Light Halva Pistachio features big chunks of pistachio for extra nutty goodness. Made with only low-calorie natural sweeteners, our halva is a snack or dessert that you can feel good about eating! Enjoy with fresh berries or crumbled on frozen yogurt.