Koska Light Diabetic Plain Diyabetik Halva

0.77 lb
A beloved confection for close to a millennium in Turkey, Greece, Mediterranean, the Balkans, the Middle East and in Central Asia, halva is classically made with tahini, or sesame seed paste, that is lightly whipped into boiling sugar. If you are steering clear of sugar, you can savor the flavor of traditional halva, without the sugar. At Koska, a family-run business since 1907, we make our light halva products with 57% tahini and with no sugar! Our Light Plain Halva recipe uses only low-calorie natural sweeteners - never aspartame or saccharine. The perfect after-meal treat that is not-too-sweet, our Light Plain Halva is full of nut-buttery richness and has a delicate, crumbly, melt-in your-mouth texture. Enjoy our satisfying halva as a snack or with fresh berries.