KIRLANGIC Extra Virgin Olive Oil 3L tin

6.61 lb

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The oldest known cultivated tree in history, and considered sacred by the Ancient Greeks, the olive tree played a huge role in the civilization of countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea as early as 600 BC. Athens was named after the goddess Athena who brought the olive tree to the city. The olive tree and olive branch remain symbols of peace and wisdom today. Cold pressed from carefully tended olives growing in the Ayvalik region of Turkey, on the sunny Aegean Sea coast, Kirlangic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is a culinary treasure. Considered the “motherland” of olives, with 2.5 million olive trees in cultivation, Ayvalik is renowned for its exceptional EVOO. Kirlangiç EVOO has a light flavor and rich texture that will enliven any dish. Perfect for salads, spreads and dips, and delicious eaten with warm bread, our EVOO is worth savoring every day.