Katun Premium Cow's Milk White Cheese (800g)

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 Brined white cheese made from cow’s milk.Bosnian White Cheese.

Katun White Cow’s Milk Cheese (Travnicki Sir) is made with milk from cows grazing on the Vlašic Mountain. As has been done for centuries, we brine and age our delicious cheese in wooden vats for at least 60 days.

Akin to Greek Feta and Turkish Beyaz Peynir, Katun White Cow’s Milk Cheese is crumbly in texture and has a tangy, milky, slightly salty flavor. In the Balkans, white cheeses are enjoyed throughout the day: at breakfast, on meze platters, in Shopska Salads (made with tomatoes, cucumbers, raw or roasted peppers, onions or scallions and parsley) - and in a host of baked goods.