Hendessi Kashk

1.0 lb

Dating back centuries ago, without modern refrigeration and cooking, the people of Persia had to come up with their own ways of preservation of food. These techniques helped prevent spoilage and waste.

Dairy was one of the main sources of nutrition in ancient cultures. Since Persians had plentiful dairy, they instituted a way to preserve it for their needs.Persian herders conserved milk by transforming it to a staple food called Kashk for centuries. Kashk had a shelf life of a very long time; it was dry, safe, and healthy. This innovation enabled the Persian herders to extend their way of life and culture to many different ethnic groups and regions.

A delicious, appetizing dairy product that is essential to many soups and dishes.

Kashk is a hard, dried, cheese-like dairy product that is made into liquid to be used in cooking.