Karoun Bulgarian Yoghurt Cream on Top (908g)

2.0 lb


Karoun Whole Milk Bulgarian Cream On Top Yoghurt is award winning old-world goodness, made the traditional way. A genuine Bulgarian Style Yoghurt with luscious layers of cream and made with fresh California rBST-free Milk, no added sugars and Live Active Probiotic cultures. Taste the difference.

Bulgarian yogurt is so rich and creamy it more resembles sour cream. Some varieties are sold with a thick layer of cream or skin on top, called 'kaymak. '

Yogurt, also spelled yoghurt, yogourt or yoghourt, is a food produced by bacterial fermentation of milk. The bacteria used to make yogurt are known as yogurt cultures.  Whole Milk Plain Yogurt is great for soups, stews and marinades as well as dips, dressing and baked goods.

Live active probiotic cultures in every spoonful.