KRINOS Goat's Feta Cheese 400g tub

1.0 lb

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Feta, the most famous cheese from Greece, is an integral part of Greek gastronomy and is inextricably tied to its history and culture. The first recorded mention of Feta dates back to Greek antiquity and Homer’s “Odyssey.” A pantry staple in most Mediterranean and Balkan households, this white cheese is prized for its crumbly texture and tangy, fresh flavor. Krinos Goat's Cheese hails from the famous cheesemaking region of Epirus, now a Protected Destination of Origin (PDO) by the European Union. The quality of our goat’s milk is pure because the herds graze freely on grasses without insecticides. If you like Goat Cheese and you like Feta, this is the cheese for you! A perfect table cheese drizzled with olive oil and oregano, Krinos Greek Goat's Cheese is also wonderful roasted and drizzled with honey, fresh grapes or figs. A natural for salads, our Goat's Cheese Feta has countless uses. Use it to add tang to omelets and roasted vegetable, fish or meat dishes. One of the lowest-fat cheeses one can eat, our feta is rich probiotics and a wonderful source of protein and calcium.