1.11 lb

Turkish Style, Produced in Turkey by Locals! 500 gr Tarhana soup Turkish Style, produced in Turkey by locals! Rich in vitamin A and B, calcium, iron, Carb, lycopene, protein. Ingredients: red pepper, tomato, onion, yogurt, tomato and pepper paste, cumin, black pepper, thyme, salt, flour, egg, ginger, mint, Preparation : The soup is very easy to prepare. Tarhana soup is prepared by mixing the desired amount of crumbled tarhana with boiling water and a little bit of butter and cooking it over a low flame. What you need to know is; how many people will have the soup. Then you will know how many tablespoons of tarhana you will use. The only burden about this soup is that you will have to mix the soup while cooking it. If you stop you might have little balls of tarhana that are not dissolved. If you somehow happen to have these just get rid of them by using a wire colander. The texture of this soup should be thick, so the water should be about 250 millimeters for every tablespoon. When it waits it will get thicker you might want to add some more water. We suggest adding 1 tablespoon tarhana & 250 ml water per person to make a good soup. Enjoy your meal.