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The renovation of an olive branch as detached single-core is a fruit. This is also, from all over the world only fruit that tasted the bitterness of the olives in olive bulunarak "oleuropein" causes a substance called phenol.

This phenolic substance called oleuropein, which taste the bitterness of Olives, the sequence of operations to be performed out of the site covers table olives in the olive processing techniques. Oleuropein, also it is considered a very important substance in terms of human health. Even although the structure of table olives in the olive processing these substances out dropped, broken out or break down other substances, the amount of remaining within the olives are reported by the investigators to be adequate for human health.

Scratched green olives with olive varieties used product in our flesh hard. Olives in three places along the length of grains and meat of a mouth drawn thin blades of up to half. It is carried out with scribing machine. Drawn olives filled containers filled with water and excess water is changed every day or days. This process until it disappears bitterness (15-30 days). Bitterness is fixed by placing the olives are left for 8-10 days 8- 10% brine. After this time the olives 5-8'lik% brine, 1% citric acid, an amount of olive oil, lemon slices, garlic and packed into cans with aromatizing agents, such as mustard. Cans are filled with brine and sealed. Olives are first offered to our valued customers for 8-10 days after the packaging container.