Minerva Horio Extra Virgin Olive Oil 750 ml

1.69 lb

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It’s no surprise that 99% of the world’s olive oil is produced in the Mediterranean. The olive tree is the first recorded cultivated tree in history, with an average lifespan of 300 to 600 years. With roots dating back to 600 BC Greece, Italy and Turkey, this sturdy tree helped Mediterranean civilizations to thrive for many millennia. At Horio, we work with some of the best olive producers in Greece to create our Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO). Our growers cultivate the olives until they reach their peak ripeness, yielding a luxuriously rich oil. Made from the first cold press, Horio EVOO is full bodied and fruity, with a piquant and peppery flavor. EVOO is an inextricable part of Greek daily life and the principal source of “good fat” in the healthy Mediterranean diet. Enjoy our EVOO on a daily basis. Perfect for cold and hot culinary uses, EVOO is also delicious savored on bread.