Halal Fresh Chicken Bologna Salami (454g)

803.7 lb

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Prepared in strict compliance with Halal dietary laws, HALAL FRESH Chicken Bologna is a product you can feel great serving to the entire family! A wonderful lunch meat for kids, adults and non-beef eaters, our Chicken Bologna is fully cooked and ready to be enjoyed in a sandwich. Pan sear, grill or broil HALAL FRESH Chicken Bologna and its full flavor will really shine! Cut it into cubes and pan sauté it with diced onions, spinach and tomatoes for a mouthwatering chicken-egg scramble. To make delicious game day or movie night sliders, broil, grill or pan sear our Chicken Bologna, add lettuce, tomato and your favorite condiments, and serve on mini-hamburger buns. Or crisp up the bologna in a pan with caramelized sliced onions, red and green bell peppers and diced potatoes for a heartwarming meal on a cold night. If you haven’t eaten bologna since you were a child, now might be time to revisit that decision!