Halal Fresh Beef Franks (454g)

453.59 lb

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 Made in strict accordance with Halal dietary laws, HALAL FRESH Beef Frankfurters are hot dogs you can feel confident serving to the entire family. Boiled, pan seared or grilled, our Beef Frankfurters are delicious and full of flavor. HALAL FRESH Beef Frankfurters are the perfect crowd pleasers for a summer barbecue. Cut our Beef Frankfurters in half lengthwise, score the rounded edges and pan sear on both sides to bring out all of their juicy, meat goodness. Serve them on a hot dog bun on or in a tortilla with your favorite condiments, toppings – even cheese – and you will be in frankfurter heaven! Slice and pan sear HALAL FRESH Beef Frankfurters and serve with eggs at brunch, in cream of tomato soup at lunch, or in a rice and beans dish for dinner.