Gazi Erzincan Tulum 900 gr

1.98 lb

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GAZİ Tulum with 45 % fat i.d.m. is also known as nomad's cheese. In the past, before there were refrigerators to keep it in, cheese was salted and stored in goat or sheep skins to preserve it better. In many regions of Turkey, nomad's cheese is still made and preserved in this special way. Our GAZi Tulum tastes as terrific as the original. 

 It is primarily produced in the country's mountainous regions. The cheese is white in color, has a creamy texture, and its flavors range from mild and slightly sweet to strong and somewhat bitter.It is recommended to serve it drizzled with olive oil and pair it with fruit, figs, olives, and fresh vegetables.

Beyaz ve krem renkte, yaglı, kolay dagılmayan, kendine ozgu tereyagı aromalı, yarı sert ve keskin tatta bir peynir. Kimi zaman, yagı alınmış sutten de yapıldıgı için, yag oranında ve lezzetinde dogal olarak farklilikler olabiliyor. İzmir,Erzincan ve Toros Dağlari Tulum Peyniri'nde one cikiyor.