Caykur Filiz Cayi Tea (1 kg)

2.25 lb

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Turkish Tea,Turk Cayi. Filiz CAYİ,Black Tea from Black Sea.

Filiz Tea contains a high amount of bud leaves of tea plant. The quality of the blend is evident to all who taste it. It is a natural tea without any additives.Only the most delicate, youngest leaves from the tea plant are selected and carefully processed for use in this tea.

Rize  acquired great popularity in the country as the Turkish way to prepare tea. A red, strongly aromatic, finely ground tea. The dry leaves are first heated in a pot, then steeped in hot water for an extended period. The process produces a dark red-brown infusion in the glass, with a very strong robust taste and a mildly sweet aroma. It is poured from a Turkish pot and served in a glass to which one or two teaspoons of  sugar are added. Sure to give a lift.You may add hot water to your glass for your taste.