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Unique, design cast-iron dutch oven with added functionality, ease-of-use, and beautiful cream interior with cherry glaze. Great for soups, stock, stews, braises – slow cooking and hearty meals! In addition to cast iron’s superior heat retention and even heat distribution properties, Essenso’s 3-layer enameled cast iron dutch oven doesn’t require seasoning, its impermeable surface can be used with acidic foods and wine, and it’s resistant to cracking and rusting. Easily tolerates up to 500F in the oven. Can be used with induction. Smooth surface is more user friendly with glass stoves than traditional cast iron cookware. Enamel and ceramic coating allow for good food release properties when lightly lined with cooking oil and used on medium-low heat. Promotes easier to clean, healthier, residue-free cast-iron cooking. PTFE-free, natural, healthy. If preheated on low-medium heat, cast iron doesn’t require higher heats that lead to food sticking and burning. Lid features moisture marks that lock in flavor and moisture to tenderize meats and prevent drying. A beautiful piece to present on the table straight out of the oven or off the stove. Cast iron heat retaining properties will keep food hot on the table. Great for cooking lamb ragu, pork shoulder, braised short ribs, chicken stock, bread and other great one-pot, hearty meals!

Measurements -
Handle-to-handle: 12 inches.
Rim-to-rim: 9.5 inches.
Cooking surface (base): 8.5 inches.
Depth: 4 inches.