Emirelli Sundried Tomato Stuffed Black Olives (300g)

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  •  HIGH-QUALITY BLACK OLIVES STUFFED WITH SUN-DRIED TOMATOES – Olive lovers, indulge in a mouth-watering treat! We’ve filled the finest black olives with sun-ripened dried tomatoes, dressed them in a light marinade of spices for a condensed, tangy exotic zest that bursts through with every bite. If you adore olive oil, feta cheese, Greek salads, and Mediterranean cuisine, you must try Emirelli’s supreme stuffed olives! Original, tasty ingredients, bold flavors, and soft-velvety textures! Yum!
  • HAND-STUFFED IN TURKEY – Emirelli’s sumptuous olives are hand-picked, washed, patiently cured for months then filled by hand with ripe, sun-dried mini tomato slices. A Turkish delicacy, minimally-processed to retain all-natural farm-fresh nutrients and pulpy-crisp characteristics. Packed with fresh herbs, spices and preserved in sunflower oil. The result? Superior textures, essences, free of artificial colors or aromas.