Emirelli Organic First Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500mL)

1.06 lb

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First cold pressed is the only true way to make delicious high purity extra virgin olive oil. ... The flavors, aroma, and nutrition are so much more alive when the olives are first cold pressed. The natural earthiness and richness enlivens the food you put it on in such a way that lower quality olive oils just can't do.

Our early harvested olive oil is from Mediterranean area with a protected designation of origin seal to guarantee quality. Green olives have slightly less oil, more bitterness and can be higher in polyphenols. Many people love the our peppery quality of early harvest oil which contains flavors of grass and green leaves. These flavors, along with its bright green color, are due to the naturally occurring polyphenols, including oleocanthal, found in the olives.

  • Our high quality olive oil has a Iot of antioxidant values which are beneficial for many diseases.
  • Perfect for Dressing, Marinating and Drizzling
  • Extremely Low Acidic, Trans Fat Free, Gluten Free, GMO Free, Sugar Free, and Sodium Free