Dim's Home Style Hot Ajvar

1.25 lb

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 A popular pantry staple in Southeastern Europe, Ajvar (pronounced eye-var) is a red bell pepper relish with a smooth texture and tangy flavor. Using “Baba Gina’s” original secret family recipe dating back to 1965, Dim’s Homestyle Hot Ajvar is made with fire-roasted red bell peppers, tomatoes, carrots and sunflower oil. We use fefferoni, a popular chili pepper in the Mediterranean and the Balkans, to impart an extra level of heat to our delicious spread. Enjoy this nutritious, bright-red spread on toast, on a sandwich, with topped with hot or cold cheese or with warm pita and hummus. The perfect condiment for hot chili pepper lovers, our homestyle Ajvar will “up” the flavor profile of your favorite meat and chicken dishes.