Caykur Rize Cayi Tea (1 kg)

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Turkish Tea, Turk Cayi. 

Rize tea or Rize çayı is the black tea used for Turkish tea. Produced in Rize Province on the eastern Black Sea coast of Turkey which has a mild climate with high precipitation and fertile soil, when brewed it is mahogany in color. 

 With its long-standing past and delicious aroma passed down to many generations, Rize Cayi  is the tea of our family. An economic choice for quality tea lovers.

Rize  acquired great popularity in the country as the Turkish way to prepare tea. A red, strongly aromatic, finely ground tea. The dry leaves are first heated in a pot, then steeped in hot water for an extended period. The process produces a dark red-brown infusion in the glass, with a very strong robust taste and a mildly sweet aroma. It is poured from a Turkish pot and served in a glass to which one or two teaspoons of  sugar are added. Sure to give a lift.You may add hot water to your glass for your taste.

Çaykur is the biggest and leading establishment of Turkish tea sector with its 47 wet tea processing factories, 1 tea packing factory, 2 regional directorates of marketing and production, 7 regional directorate of marketing, Base Repair Shop, Atatürk Directorate of Tea and Garden Cultures Research Institute with its 16.500 employees and wet tea processing capacity of 6.600 tons/day.