BLACK BULL Kajmak 1lb tub

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For residents of the Balkans or the former Yugoslav Republic, the popular Bosnian spread known as Kajmak needs no introduction. Traditionally served on toasted bread or pita and most often as a condiment to accompany roasted meats dishes, Kajmak is a tangy, white spreadable cheese. A variation on classic Kajmak, Black Bull Kajmak is made in the U.S. from mixture of cow’s or sheep’s milk, whey and butter. If you enjoy eating your burgers, sausages or other grilled meat on bread, spread a layer of Black Bull Kajmak on the toasted pita or bun with your other favorite condiments – and add caramelized onions. Add a thin layer of Kajmak on top of the meat as you’re roasting it for extra flavor.