Arzum Okka Minio Turkish/Greek Coffee Machine, Compact, Black/Copper

3.0 lb

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  • Turkish coffee is a method of preparation that results in a highly caffeinated, unfiltered coffee beverage. It's often sweetened with sugar.If we talk about the caffeine content, espresso is stronger than Turkish coffee, it has more caffeine. Overall, Turkish coffee drinking is an indispensable part, not only of Turkey but of the world of coffee.

  • Okka Minio is a state-of-the-art, award-winning Turkish Coffee Machine that brews Turkish coffee in a matter of minutes. Your coffee is automatically brewed at the push of a button after its brewing pot is placed into the machine with coffee and water. Minio can be used with any Turkish coffee available in the market and thanks to the advanced technology used, its brewing pot can be washed.

    Like all electrical products sold by Coffee Talks, Okka Minio also comes with 3-pin US plug and is fully compliant with the US standards.

    1-4 cups capacity
  • Smart overflow prevention system
  • Washable pot
  • Ideal brewing at low heat
  • Sound alert system
  • Ideal Turkish coffee in minutes
  • UL-approved
  • Operates with 110/120V